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is the owner and sole operator of Bowtech Works.  Maree is a Natural Healing Therapist practising Bowen Therapy, Aromatic Kinesiology, Bush Flower Essence Therapy and is a Meditation Facilitator. 
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The clinic is closed until further notice. 
I’m just a phone call away!
If you need Bush Flower Essences, please call me.
M: 0412080051
 Bowtech Ease  and Magnesium Oil products can be ordered online. 

Zoom Meditation 
To help clients and friends stay connected I would like to invite you to join me on Friday evenings for LOVING KINDNESS MEDITATION.  This will be a FREE event and will last no more than an hour.  

Call me if you’re interested: 0412080051

Emergency Oral Spray!
Emergency Essence Oral Spray can help keep you calm in any crisis.  It helps you recover from shock, cope with grief and any of life’s ups and downs. Excellent for any emotional or physical upset and can be safely used by the whole family – even the family pet!  
Compact 20 ml easy to use spray bottle.  Keep one in the first aid kit, your handbag and the car.

Available in oral drops and moisturising cream

Click here to purchase

Autumn 2020 Newsletter
“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

We certainly are living in challenging and uncertain times. The events of the past 6 months have been unrelenting, with drought, bush fires, floods and now the whole world being affected by COVID-19.

How do we overcome this ‘world full of suffering’ as Helen Keller suggests? Perhaps by reminding ourselves that things could be worse, that we could be living in a third world country without good medical care or not have enough food.  Or perhaps, as a friend often reminds me, to tell ourselves that “this too shall pass“.  

Personally, I need structure in my day to remain mentally and physically balanced.  So even though I can’t see clients, or visit my grandchildren, aging mother or friends, I plan my day. Not over planned, leaving enough time to reflect, enjoy the sunshine and my beautiful garden.  

I find it helpful to:
– maintain a regular sleep routine – 8 hours per night
– start the day with yoga and meditation or a short walk
– eat regular healthy meals – menu planning helps
– make creative dishes using pantry and freezer items
– maintain regular social media contact with friends and family;
– make a list of all those things you haven’t had time to do;

Some new incentives we’ve started at home:
Zoom Yoga with Mary-Anne – yes we baby- boomers can use technology too  🙂 
– each day at 5 pm is ‘happy hour’ where we Facetime a family member or friend (alcohol is not compulsory) to keep healthy contact with those we love;
– virtual coffee catch-ups with a girlfriend are a must;
– bedtime stories with grandchildren via Facetime or video;
– video messages to our 95-year-old mum who is in lockdown.

Coping with stress can be a real challenge, it can deplete our mineral reserves – especially magnesium.  You may find some helpful hints in my article below on Magnesium – the ‘miracle mineral’

Don’t forget to:
– have your usual medical checkups and take your medication – our medical centre arranges Skype consultations, and your pharmacist can help with prescription renewals.
– Our naturopath, Gen, also does Skype consultations and is a great help with immune support, plus an expert in children’s health;
– only listen to the experts when it comes to the current pandemic: ABC News has reliable information and the Department of Health website.

Above all, stay calm, keep active and stay well.  

Peace, Love and Light to all

Coping in a Crisis
Learning how to cope in a crisis can be a real challenge, especially when there seems no end.  There will be an end to this current crisis and we will get through it together.
Here are some tips to help you get through.
Read my article: Keep Calm and Breathe

Magnesium  – myth or miracle?
Magnesium is often referred to as the ‘miracle mineral’ for pain relief. But is it really that good? Read more………

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