Ear Candling is a safe, gentle and natural treatment.  It is an ancient art, traditionally used to cleanse the aura in preparation for the state of trance, and to drive out negative energies.

Today, Ear Candling is used as a clearance therapy to harmonize and cleanse the aura of the recipient.

Ear Candling can also help with:

  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Glue ear & ear wax
  • Vertigo
  • Sinusitis & hay fever

Ear Candling treatment takes about 45 minutes and recipients often report feelings of intense relaxation and calm following a treatment.


“Upon being recommended to have some ear candling sessions done to assist with my loss of hearing, balance and the tinnitus in my left ear six years ago, I approached Maree who offered to help me out.
Over a period of visits, the treatment gave me a calming sensation in my head and the balance within my brain came together as one, as previously it felt divided.  The relaxation throughout my body has also helped relax the anger within, previously caused by my trauma.
Thanks Maree for helping me get through the hard times in my ordeal”.
Warren Rogers

If you would like further information on how Ear Candling can imp ve your general health and well-being, please contact Maree for a relaxed, no obligation chat.

M:  0412 080051

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