Is your child anxious and worries about even insignificant things?

Do they have a severe sense of what is right and wrong and
get very upset when they perceive an injustice being done by other students or

Do they get very upset about a slight change in

Are they biting their nails or licking their lips all the
time or twirling their hair with their finger to help them cope? 

Do they have poor impulse control?

A child with these sorts of problems is usually in the
fight/flight mode all the time.  Their
adrenaline is pumping non-stop – they are exhausted and exhausting to live with
as you feel you are walking on egg shells all the time not knowing when they
will explode (again!)

Help is at hand:

This fight/flight reflex can be helped.  It is a sign of a retained Fear Paralysis Reflex and a retained Moro Reflex.  Both these reflexes should have been inhibited between the ages of 2 – 6 months.  However, if they are still there at a later age it is important that the child is helped by someone trained to work on these reflexes as they do not grow out of them they grow up with them.  There are some Chiropractors trained to work on the structural aspect of these reflexes and Neurodevelopmental Therapists and Rhythmic Movement Therapists who can work on the developmental aspect of these reflexes. Bowen Therapy can also bring the nervous system into balance and assist with releasing the stress held in the body.

Written by : Helen Key of Keyhelp

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Keyhelp is a professional service established in 1986 by Helen Key that offers parents an assessment, referral and remediation programme for children with learning, coordination and behaviour problems.

Helen’s unique Neurodevelopmental Programme empowers parents by enabling them to take positive action to help their child reach their potential.
The Keyhelp Assessment identifies any neuro-developmental delays and once this information is gained parents are then guided to the most appropriate and effective help for their child. This can include referrals to relevant specialist practitioners and an individual programme of remediation specifically designed for each child.

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