Success in business requires courage, hope and love

Courage, hope, love

THIS ISSUE: Success in business, Learn to Meditate 8 week Course, Infantile Eczema, Coming soon!


The next Learn to Meditate 8 week Course will commence on:

Tuesday 6 February 2018

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Keep calm and enjoy Christmas with Christmas Calm Aromatic Mist

keep calm enjoy Christmas

– keeps you calm while preparing for Christmas;
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May your hearts be filled with the Love, Joy & Peace of the Christmas season.

The clinic will close on Saturday 23 December and reopen on Monday 15 January.
See you in 2018!

December 2017 Newsletter

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.” – Anonymous

If this is the measure of success in life, then I class myself as being successful.  Success in what you do is not about the money or recognition, it’s about passion and inspiring others to be passionate about what they do in life.

They say “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.  I can attest to that as many of my clients over the past 22 years as a natural therapist has gone on to become an Aromatherapist, Meditation teacher or Bowen Therapist.

Recently one of my dear clients, Adeline Macdonald completed her Bowen training and is slowly building up her clientele.  Congratulations Adeline on receiving your Diploma in Specialized Bowen Therapy last month.  I know you will make a wonderful therapist.  You can check out her facebook page Discover Wellness. Another client has just begun his Bowen therapy diploma.  I wish them both success on their new paths in life.

Success in business is not just about passion, it’s about caring for and looking after your clients – giving them hopeloving-kindness and courage to move forward. Happy clients will recommend you to their family and friends.  In my practice, I often end up seeing the whole family AND extended families of my clients, as they are pleased with the results they have had with the services Bowtech Works provides.  Recommendations are what keep my business successful.

My clients have successful outcomes for a whole range of conditions ranging from stress-related ailments, arthritic pain, prenatal and postnatal problems, to bedwetting.

If you are happy with your outcomes in my clinic, please share your experience in an email or on my facebook page.  It’s called ‘sharing the love’.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing time with family and friends this Christmas season.

Peace, Love and Light

happy baby

Often I see infants and children with eczema in my clinic.  Natural therapies offer a safe alternative for treating this persistent and painful condition in infants and adults.

Read my blog on treating a baby with eczema.

Every baby needs Bowen Therapy!!

Future Newsletters will include ‘golden nuggets of wisdom’ from Helen Key of KEYHELP.  Solutions for:
– daydreamers;
– Self-esteem issues;
– poor coordination;
– messy hand-writing;
– anxiety in children;
– behavioural problems;
and much, much more.

Contact Helen Key at:

P: 02 9624 1797

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