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“Aromatherapy has been my passion for over 20 years. Aromatherapy is an ancient, holistic therapy that uses essential oils or plant botanicals to heal the mind, body and spirit. In doing so, it influences your overall well-being, lifestyle and relationships. It is my mission to help clients find a fragrant path to health, harmony and happiness.” – Maree Kendall

Maree Kendall is an Aromatherapist and Bowen Technique therapist in the Northwest of Sydney. She offers a variety of natural treatments for numerous conditions, ranging from stress to infertility. Maree is also a meditation facilitator and runs numerous meditation workshops throughout the year.

Over the past 15 years Maree has not only provided a unique range of natural therapies to address her client’s needs, she has also developed a range of products to assist her clients in their healing journey.
In her clinic, Maree supports her clients emotionally and biochemically with aromatherapy, bush flower essence therapy and tissue salts to suit their individual needs. With her vast experience as a clinical therapist, Maree saw the need for a range of easy to use, general formulations to address some common stress-related problems of the 21st century.

Aromatic Mists and Essences
Maree has developed a range of lifestyle formulations which combine pure essential oils and bush flower essences in her aromatic mist and essence range which is now available for purchase at the online shop.

Bowtech Products
Also available at this online shop are products to use at home following a Bowen Therapy treatment. Using Soda Crystals and Bowtech Ease will give relief from joint/muscle pain and/or swelling inbetween your Bowen Therapy sessions. (Use strictly as recommended by your therapist)

Meditation CD’s
As a meditation facilitator, Maree saw the need for quick, easy ways to relax the body and mind. On her RELAX CD there are nine short relaxation exercises. You can put your favourites on your iPod to take anywhere to ease stress and bring the whole being back into balance. This CD was developed as an accompaniment for the LEARN TO MEDITATE 8 week course, but is suitable for anyone wishing to learn how to relax.

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