Bowen Technique can offer affordable fertility solutions for couples trying for pregnancy.

Bowen Technique (Bowtech) has been used successfully in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to assist couples who are having difficulty falling pregnant.  Bowtech offers couples safe, affordable and gentle fertility solutions that work!

Bowen Technique assists infertile couples by:

  • Balancing  the endocrine (hormonal) system
  • Helping to balance and stabilize the pelvic area
  • Regulating  the menstrual cycle
  • Enhancing  the fertility of both the male and the female
  • Relieving  mental and emotional stress

Should both partners have Bowen Therapy when trying to have a baby?

It is important for couples seeking fertility solutions, that both partners have Bowen sessions to help them to achieve optimum physical and mental condition, so conception can happen naturally. Often a couple having difficulty becoming pregnant, are experiencing feelings of anxiety which may further inhibit their ability to successfully become pregnant.

Are there any changes we need to make to help with the fertility program?

Often there are health and lifestyle changes that need to be implemented a few months prior to conception to increase the chances of fertility.  Eliminating alcohol, environmental toxins and processed food is vital for both partners prior to trying for pregnancy – Bush Flower Essences can help eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body to help prepare for pregnancy. Meditation can also be of assistance in preparing for and during pregnancy.

We have been extremely stressed during the process of trying to fall pregnant.  Can the Bowen Technique help with anxiety?

Yes.  Couples often are experiencing extreme anxiety due to their inability to conceive at a given time or due to the enormous expenses and emotional stress involved if undertaking IVF.  Bowen Therapy (The Bowen Technique) relaxes the nervous system and helps to improve the health of all body systems.

Will we be given any supplements during the Bowen Therapy treatments?

While having Bowen Technique to improve fertility, Bush Flower Essences or tissue salts may be prescribed to help with the relaxation and hormonal imbalances or any other issues that arise during the consultation with the therapist.  If advice on supplements and diet is required, you will be referred on to one of the highly qualified naturopaths in this healing network.

How does the Bowen Technique help with fertility?

The Bowen Technique relaxes the nervous system, the muscular system and balances the hormones.  This, in turn, improves the natural blood flow, lymph drainage and nerve supply of the body.  Quite often, once the menstrual cycle is regulated with the Bowen Technique, pregnancy occurs.  Of course, results vary from case to case.  However, the Bowen Technique can definitely improve your overall health AND increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.


“After suffering two miscarriages in 2006/2007, my hormones and emotions were all over the place.  After a number of Bowen sessions with Maree my menstrual cycle had re-established and overall I felt much better. My husband and I continued with Bowen Therapy and were more relaxed about falling pregnant again. One month after starting the infertility program, I called Maree and told her the good news, that we were pregnant.Our healthy baby, Amelia, was born on 23 July 2008.”

Cheree Offner

“I was reminded yesterday about how very lucky we are to have had the ability to have two perfect children.  Brian and I travelled a long road to get our little Bowen princess and thanks to Maree Kendall all our our dreams and wishes came true.  To anyone who is struggling with achieving their dreams, just remember that sometimes we may not get there in quite the way we expected, but we will get there.”

Belinda Gurney

“I am lucky to be blessed with my own little Bowen miracle.  Will be forever grateful to Maree Kendall for helping me.”

Michelle Peacock

If you are currently enduring the painful emotional journey surrounding infertility problems, please contact Maree for a friendly, no obligation discussion.

M:  0412 080051

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