Aromatherapy can bring assistance to carers by relieving the ‘burn-out’ and anxiety experienced by hard working carers who often work 24/7. For the person being cared for, aromatherapy is a natural way of assisting symptoms such as anxiety, stress, depression and behavioural changes.

A simple daily aromatherapy hand massage can ease the emotional and physical pain for both the giver and receiver.  Aromatic mists are a convenient and gentle way to change the mood and ease the stress of carers and those they are caring for.

Carers of the aged, the infirmed or terminally ill have found that aromatherapy:

  • Soothes their stress
  • Reduces their emotional overload
  • Decreases their chances of burnout

Studies have shown that aromas can:

  • Improve performance
  • Improve memory retention
  • Instil a feeling of peace & relaxation
  • Improve negative moods


“Through Maree I have learned strategies in dealing with my own health and those I care for. One of the most important healing tools that Maree has developed are her specific lotions and sprays for particular conditions. My dear Mum developed dementia and has, sadly, gone into an aged care facility specifically for dementia.  With Maree’s assistance we have been able to help Mum tremendously with her aromatic mists and creams, and have found them, without exception, to be an incredible help with the different stages of her dementia path – not to mention helping me with the emotions of caring for her and having Mum go into a facility.

In addition to this, a visit to a Neurologist confirmed the fears that I held about medication for dementia, and he encouraged me to use natural therapies before using any drugs as in some cases it can worsen the condition and there is no going back.”

– J. Lansley, Quakers Hill, N.S.W.

Are you a hard working carer who suffers from tiredness and stress, and would like to avoid burnout?
If so, please contact Maree for a friendly, no obligation discussion about how aromatherapy can help. Alternatively, please view our products specifically designed for loving carers.

M:  0412 080051

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