Aromatic Kinesiology is the combining of the muscle testing technique, Kinesiology, with the healing properties of Aromatherapy.

Kinesiology is a muscle testing tool used to access the primary cause/causes of physical or emotional imbalances in the body.  It can be used to ‘ask’ the body what it needs to help clear an emotional issue and what is needed to support the body biochemically or emotionally, bringing the whole body into balance.

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using aromatics or essential oils, derived from plants, to balance the mood or emotions and heal the body.  Aromas may be inhaled, applied to the body using mists, creams or oil blends, or added to a bath.

When the primary emotional cause of a condition is identified, Kinesiology is used to choose an aroma to clear the root cause from cellular memory, usually via an acupuncture pressure point or ‘blossom point’.  The aroma can also be inhaled to clear deep state emotional blocks to help the client move forward in life.  Following a treatment, the oil may need to be used at home for days or weeks, depending on the individual.

Sometimes it is necessary to use the chosen aroma for a number of days/weeks/months, to anchor the new paradigm.  This essential oil may need to be applied to a particular pressure point, inhaled, added to a bath etc.  Affirmations are sometimes given as ‘homework’ to reinforce the change in thinking or to change a habit.


Maree’s ability to offer Aromatic Kinesiology, combined with Flower Essence Therapy immediately instils a sense of a quietly confident and competent practitioner whose commitment is to be of service.

You intuitively know that Maree’s passion and priority is to heal, using a range of modalities that promote healing and a sense of well-being.

I always leave Maree’s clinic knowing that I have truly nurtured myself, trusting that Maree knows what my body needs to heal.

– Jenny Kellett, Glenwood, NSW

Do you need relief from emotional or physical pain?
If so, please contact Maree for a friendly, no obligation discussion about how aromatic kinesiology can help.

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