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What treatments do you offer?

  1. Aromatherapy – the use of pure essential oils to heal the mind, body and spirit.
  2. Aromatic Kinesiology –  brings the healing arts of aromatherapy and kinesiology together.
  3. Bowen Technique – a gentle form of bodywork to restore homeostasis (balance) within the body.
  4. Bush Flower Essences –  vibrational remedies well suited to the many challenges people face today.
  5. Ear Candling – a gentle treatment to clear the ears and auric field.
  6. Reiki Healing – the ancient art of hands-on healing
  7. Tissue Salts – a homoeopathically prepared micro-dose of the body’s 12 vital minerals.

Do you have knowledge of other treatments as well?

Yes. I also have knowledge of kinesiology, numerology, counselling and meditation, which can be used to identify, clarify and clear the underlying priority issues.

What can I expect in a consultation?

I will first sit down with you and take a full history, followed by a muscle testing treatment using Kinesiology if required. This will be able to determine the priority issue and method of treatment.

You offer so many treatments, how do you know which one to treat me with?

As mentioned, I first do a muscle test using Kinesiology, which will determine the priority issue and therefore the method of treatment. My experience as a natural therapy practitioner and information gained during the consultation will assist me in knowing exactly the right treatment necessary for your needs.

Can I follow through with treatments at home?

If needed, I will customise a safe and effective treatment plan, which in some cases will allow you to follow through at home.  For example, you may be given exercises to perform following a Bowen Technique session or customized Bush Flower Essences to support you in the coming days.  You may also need a specific aromatherapy mists, creams and oil blend for your everyday use following a session.

Are natural healing therapies invasive, or do they have side effects?

Generally, there are no side effects from natural therapies.  Occasionally, a ‘healing crisis’ may occur following the Bowen Technique or taking Bush Flower Essences.  A headache, nausea or diarrhoea may sometimes occur following a treatment.    Always contact your therapist if you are concerned about how you are feeling after a treatment.  Generally, plenty of water, rest and time, will ease the situation.

If you feel natural therapies may be of benefit to you or your family, call Maree for a no obligation chat.

M:  0412 080 051

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