Does your child have trouble concentrating, sitting still, organizing their tasks, talks excessively or is always ‘on the go’? If so, the label of being either ADD or ADHD may have already been given and medication recommended.

There can be many reasons why a child cannot concentrate or sit still and these things which need to be explored before medication is given.

The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

In my practice, I find the first area to be investigated is their structural system.  The skeletal and muscular systems are like the hardware of the computer and we all know what happens when the hardware of our computer is not working properly!  I find that if their skeletal and/or muscular systems are out of alignment, it makes it much harder for a child to sit still, concentrate and learn.

The Central Nervous System

To add to this stress on the body, if any of the 5 systems of the Central Nervous System (Vestibular, Proprioception, Vision, Auditory or Tactile) are not functioning to potential, it makes it hard for the brain to think. Has anyone ever told you that these systems are the basis of academic learning? They all play a vital role in learning.  More information can be found at:


If a child is being affected by the additives in the food they are eating or by the naturally occurring chemicals that are in highly coloured fruit and vegetables, it can be very difficult for them to control their actions. The list of the main offending additives that are in so common in our food can be found at


Often it is a combination of all of the above that make it very difficult for a child to work to their potential. To help a child with this combination of problem areas, a guided programme of help is invaluable in recommending to parents the best course of help for their child’s specific problems.   Such a programme is available through Keyhelp.

For further information please contact Helen Key at  keyhelp@bigpond.com


Keyhelp is a professional service established in 1986 by Helen Key that offers parents an assessment, referral and remediation programme for children with learning, co-ordination and behaviour problems.
Helen’s unique Neurodevelopmental Programme empowers parents by enabling them to take positive action to help their child reach their potential.
The Keyhelp Assessment identifies any neuro-developmental delays and once this information is gained parents are then guided to the most appropriate and effective help for their child. This can include referrals to relevant specialist practitioners and an individual programme of remediation specifically designed for each child.


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