Aromatics in palliative care and during any time of transition, can be effective in coping with change.  Whether it be moving house, retrenchment, moving on from a relationship or on to the next life, I have found combining aromatherapy and Bush flower essences very effective in soothing the pain of loss and to help break down the resistance to change. Over the years I have developed a range of aromatic mists to address many of the challenges life brings.

Transition aromatic mist – helps us move forward in life without fear and to see a way ahead;
Grief Relief aromatic mist – helps soothe a broken heart and allows one to love again;
Sweet Dreams aromatic mist – helps you relax, have a restful sleep and pleasant dreams;

Palliative Care

In palliative care, I have found using essential oils and Bush Flower Essences very effective in addressing the fears around dying and the letting go of life.  When using my TRANSITION AROMATIC MIST I have noticed a peace that comes over the one passing as well as the loved ones visiting, enabling them to say their good-byes and ‘let go’.  The aromatics of Nutmeg, Geranium, Rose and Clary Sage help address the odours that can be present in hospital with the sick and dying, as well as creating a calm euphoric state of being.  Asking the staff and visitors to spray TRANSITION Aromatic Mist around the room regularly will benefit them as well as the patient.

Some people struggle with forced change in their lives and resist the flow of life, even in those final hours. The Bush Flower Essences in Transition Essence and Transition Aromatic Mist help one to cope with major life changes and to find direction at their crossroads.  These essences also ease the fear of death allowing one to easily pass over with calmness, dignity and serenity.

Grief and Loss

Let us not forget the grieving family and friends of the one who is dying.  The essential oils of Rose, Bergamot and Melissa in my GRIEF RELIEF AROMATIC MIST help to not only soothe the emotional pain of loss or grief, but create acceptance of an inevitable process of life, while relaxing the nervous system.  The Bush Flower Essences in GRIEF RELIEF help one to gently release the emotions of loss and grieving, healing the heart and allowing one to love again.  This formulation is ideal for those suffering a broken heart following a relationship breakup as well.

Sleeping Problems

When the body is stressed from the anxiety around grief and loss, or any other reason, getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge.  Taking a magnesium supplement can be helpful to relax the muscles and encourage sleep.  I find tissue salts extremely effective and quickly absorbed – try MAG PHOS tissue salts in tablet or oral spray. Spraying SWEET DREAMS Aromatic Mist around the bedroom or on the skin will relax the body and lull you into a deep sleep, creating sweet dreams and waking refreshed.

Bowen Therapy

As a Bowen therapist I see many people suffering from grief and loss.  Their nervous system and energetic system are usually out of balance, causing a number of physical ailments.  Bowen therapy is a gentle neuro-muscular technique that helps bring all body system back into balance with gentle, non-invasive moves.  While relaxing the nervous system, the body can then begin to heal as well as releasing stress and trauma from cellular memory.

The memory of the loss will always be there, but Bowen Therapy, Bush Flower Essences and Aromatherapy, can help to ease the pain of grief and soothe an ailing heart.

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