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Learn to Meditate Course

This is an 8 week course where you will  learn the benefits of meditation, breathing techniques you can take anywhere and understand your chakra system.

Tuesday evenings commencing 4 August

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Forgiveness Meditation

Learn how to forgive and let go one meditation at a time.  Feel freer and able to move on to the next chapter of your life without the baggage.

Tuesday evenings commencing 20 October

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Vivid Festival, Sydney

If you haven’t visited the Vivid Festival, Sydney, get there before it ends this week-end.  I just loved it!!!

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Bowtech Works

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June 2015 Newsletter

“Letting go is letting happiness in – in trying to hold on to what’s familiar, we limit our ability to experience joy in the present.” – Rashida Rowe

Winter to me, is a time of shedding, letting go and inner reflection.  After the leaves have fallen, trees are left naked and exposed to the elements.   Yet it is nature’s way of protecting the delicate leaves and flowers from the frost and conserving energy for new blooms in Spring.

How beautiful it is to watch the changes of each season and how reassuring it is to see our natural surroundings surrender to the inevitable changes in each season.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we too could surrender ourselves to the changes in our lives and allow ourselves to be ‘stripped bare’ and effectively ‘let go and let God’!

Have you noticed that when we let go of control, things inevitably work out?  By holding on and trying to control everything, we can limit our outcomes.  Surely the wisdom and expansiveness of the universe far outshines our own expectations?  Over-planning and predicting every outcome can be a total waste of energy.  Yes, we need to have a plan and put in the work required, but spending time in quiet reflection can often inspire us with unexpected ways of reaching our goals.  If you find something in your life is not running smoothly, I challenge you to sit, reflect and open your mind to new inspiration, new ideas – you will be surprised at what may come to you.

We often try to control everything due to:

– Fear of the unknown or failure;
– Attachment to specific outcomes – we know best;
– Limitations due to past experiences of self or others;

Surrender means to stop fighting with ourselves, the universe and the natural flow of things, to stop resisting and pushing against reality.  When we surrender we completely accept what is, have faith that all will be well, even without our input.

Meditation can be a great tool to begin the surrendering process.  If you haven’t tried meditation and are unsure where to start, joining a group of like-minded people can be a great way to ‘get into the zone’ and begin the inward journey of self-reflection and letting go.  The next Learn to Meditate group begins on Tuesday 4 August.  The next Forgiveness Meditation group commences on 20 October, where you will learn to forgive and let go of past hurts and things that no longer serve you.

Also, in this newsletter you can read more on ‘letting go’ in my latest blog on “Children and Constipation”, the Bottlebrush Essence and Kidz Minerals for Healthy Appetites.

Keep cosy and warm  this Winter, taking time to reflect on your life creating a healthier, happier YOU.


Bottlebrush Essence

Bottlebrush Essence is the ultimate ‘letting go’ remedy!

Helps with:

– mother issues;
– overwhelm from major life changes;
– mother/baby bonding;

Taking this remedy helps you to ‘let go’ of the fear that is holding you back.  On a physical level, Bottlebrush essence can be helpful for constipation in children and adults.

For more information on this and other Bush flower essences, call or email Maree Kendall.

Kidz Minerals

– Healthy appetites

Is your child a fussy eater? This tissue salt combination can help when your child has lost their appetite and you feel they are not getting enough variety in their diet.

If you would like more information on tissue salts, please call Maree on:

02 96268705

Read My Latest Blog :

Children and constipation is a problem frequently experienced by young mums…….

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