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September 5, 2012

Ann – Castle Hill, NSW

Every now and then I feel the need to be put back on the path or become more aware that I am still on it. The Retreat was everything I hoped it would be. Thank you, Maree, for your time and generous sharing of your gifts.

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Doreen – Ashfield, NSW

“My experience of Bowen is nothing but excellent the past 5 months. A friend of mine, a speech pathologist, told me about Maree Kendall. I said I have to try it as I was feeling so depressed and distressed about an incident that happened to me. From my first visit I could feel changes in.

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Kim – Turramurra, NSW

After enjoying such success with Maree’s treatments during my first pregnancy, I saw her again throughout my second pregnancy.  Each of her treatments was again wonderful and especially helpful with some lower back pain I experienced towards the end of the pregnancy. After a complicated birth with my 2nd daughter, Emily, Maree again successfully treated.

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