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February 5, 2017

Pain relief from Bowen

Hi Maree I just wanted to say thank you for the advice a couple of weeks ago. The results from taking magnesium and having Bowen Therapy have been huge. I’ve been pain free lately and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this well. I still get very sore feet if I’m standing or.

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Parents lucky to have a Bowen baby

Parents, Belinda and Brian, two years after the birth of their daughter, reflect on how lucky they are to have a Bowen baby.  Here is what they have to say two years later: “I was reminded yesterday about how very lucky we are to have had the ability to have two perfect children.  Brian and.

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Baby with restricted neck movement

Kathryn brought her baby Ashley to the clinic recently with the problem that she cried incessantly when restrained in the baby capsule.  I also noticed there was restriction in the neck when turning her head to the right.  Following one treatment with Bowen, this is what Kathryn had to say: “Thank you for seeing my.

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Balancing the body before pregnancy

“After a complicated first pregnancy producing a premature baby, I searched for holistic treatment to obtain healing as there was an intrinsic feeling that things just weren’t quite right with my body and I wanted to be in the best possible health before planning a second pregnancy. Bowen therapy and Maree’s treatments produced amazing results both.

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Toddler with night terrors

“Our prematurely born 2 year old toddler suffered from several problems since birth and after going through many forms of therapy, we felt there was still something missing that was holding our son back from achieving his full developmental potential. After only a few Bowen sessions with Maree, we suddenly had a child who could: crawl on.

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Balance hormones after miscarriages

“After suffering two miscarriages my hormones and emotions were all over the place. I asked Maree if there was anything she could do to assist me and she suggested I have some Bowen Therapy sessions.  After a number of sessions my menstrual cycles had re-established within normal parameters and overall I felt much better. As.

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Emotional blockage release

“Maree is a gifted intuitive healer of many modalities. I have had a few treatments of Bowen from Maree, which helped a few painful emotional blockages in my life to be released. Thank you for your guidance and your very caring ways. Your sessions have been very rewarding for me in my path of life.” Irene.

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Dianne – Toongabbie NSW

I first met Maree when I went to her for aromatherapy massage.  I immediately felt nurtured and special with her use of kinesiology to muscle test which oils would be right for my emotions and state of mind at that visit.  With kinesiology she was able to identify the nameless burdens and bring a sense.

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Jenny – Glenwood, NSW

As a Meditation Facilitator, Maree’s Meditative Healing Group was a wonderful evening where I could connect with like-minded people on their spiritual journey. Attending Maree’s classes gave me the opportunity to experience healing on a deep level, reduce stress, relax body and mind and gain valuable insights in day to day situations.  I formed many.

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Tara – Eastwood

In October 2008, I started Bowen Therapy with Maree for my back pain issues, which were due to scoliosis. Also, I had a miscarriage in the previous July and was hoping to have another baby.  Maree worked on my scoliosis for several months and then focused on balancing my irregular menstrual cycle, to prepare my.

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