“My experience of Bowen is nothing but excellent the past 5 months. A friend of mine, a speech pathologist, told me about Maree Kendall. I said I have to try it as I was feeling so depressed and distressed about an incident that happened to me.

From my first visit I could feel changes in my body. I suffered from very irregular periods, and bad period pain, and the past 5 months they have come and gone without any pain and have become regular.

The vertebral artery dissection that I suffered from had resolved within 6 months. The headaches and vertigo I was getting from this were lessened after each Bowen therapy. My right hip used to click but now has resolved after using Bowen therapy. I feel more positive and in better spirits after each visit.  Let’s hope with the help of Bowen my next good news will be that I am pregnant.

Thank you Maree for all your support during my illness journey and the positive impact Bowen therapy has given my health overall.

Will be continuing my Bowen therapy.”