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THIS ISSUE:  Being a Grandma  | Emergency – mother’s little helper | Baby Capsule Distress | Purifying Essence | Forgiveness Meditation | Mother’s Milk Tea | Rose Oil

Emergency Essence

Emergency Essence can be of assistance for all expectant parents throughout pregnancy, during labour and for the newborn baby as well.
It truly is ‘mother’s little helper’.

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Forgiveness Meditation

The next 8 week series of Forgiveness Meditation commences:

TIME:  7 – 9 PMForgiveness Meditation is the first step towards healing.  It can help :

–  release the past;
–  mend old relationships;
–  release stress;
– free negative feelings;
– open you up to more love and light;
– improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Purifying Essence

Purifying Essence helps to release and clear emotional waste and residual by-products and to clear built-up emotional baggage.  Also, useful for releasing toxins as a result of drug or surgery intervention.

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October 2015 Newsletter

I just LOVE Springtime!  My garden was looking so good in early Spring, but with the early heatwave the blooms are now long gone. There is always something beautiful to meditate on and admire no matter what the season.

Being a Grandma

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” – Welsh Proverb

With Spring comes new life and thoughts often turn to love. This Spring I fell in love all over again.  When our first grandchild, Jenson, was placed in my arms, gazed into my eyes and listened to my voice with such knowing, I knew he recognized me!

Jenson got to know my voice after the many visits with his mum and the regular Bowen Technique (Bowtech) sessions he had before he was born into our family.  He also experienced Bush Flower Essences and smeltAromatherapy before and after birth, helping to produce a beautifully healthy and happy baby.

In my clinic I see many women from pre-conception right through to birth and post-natal.  Bowen Technique works wonders for couples with fertility issues and helps with the many problems that arise throughout  the pregnancy as well. Bowtech works beautifully for mums and bubs. You can read some of my success stories here.

Bush Flower Essences are amazing vibrational essences that complement the Bowen Technique.  From the moment a baby is born, these essences can be used to help with mother/baby bonding, clear negative family patterns and protect them energetically.  I had the honour and privilege of using these essences on my new little grandson as soon as he was born, helping to bring him into the Light of the world, gently and courageously.

In my latest blog, “Mother’s Little Helper”, (below) you can read how the Bowen Technique, Bush Flower Essences and Aromatherapy can help prepare mums and dads, as well as their new little baby.

Wishing you good health and much happiness this magical Spring – may you enjoy every moment!


Mother’s Little Helper

“As the first contractions started, panic began to set in.  However, we had both been well coached by your midwife and our Bowen Therapist, armed and ready to face the marathon ahead – the birth of our first child.”
CLICK HERE to read my tips of how to naturally manage pregnancy and labour.

Mothers Milk Breastfeeding Tea
Mothers Milk is a carefully formulated certified organic herbal tea based on centuries of traditional herbal medicine designed for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk supply and to improve the digestion of both mum and baby.Purchase here….

Baby Capsule Distress

Recently I had a client with a baby who cried constantly in the baby capsule.  After one Bowen session he is a much happier baby in the capsule and has full rotation of his neck.

CLICK HERE to read another Bowen baby success story.

Emergency Cream helps Nappy Rash
Emergency Cream helps nappy rash, insect bites and even eczema in infants and children.  This certified organic formulation contains Bush Flower Essences and pure botanicals to help moisturise and heal the skin. Ideal for the whole family.  Purchase here….
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