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Xmas Calm

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Peace on Earth Meditation

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DATE: 19 December

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Learn to Meditate

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Xmas Specials

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November Newsletter

Just breathe….

Every day we are faced with challenges.  Some may find simply getting out of bed a challenge, while others like myself, seem to be faced with technical challenges frequently – website hacking, hard-drive meltdown, iPad and iPhone glitches, light bulbs exploding etc.  You’ve gotta love technology!

For those who follow astrology, or not, it is interesting to note that when Mercury is in retrograde computer problems seem to find me, as well as many of my friends.  So fortunately Mercury will be back to normal this week and so will my computer, iphone, radio, facebook…..just breathe!!!

Learning to live with the rapid changes in technology and everyday life can be a real challenge, can take up a lot of time and be very frustrating.  The older one gets, the more difficult this can be. In my article “Meditation for the New Age” I give some tips on how to cope with life in the 21st century.  Basically, what we all need to do is to remember to breathe…..I mean long, slow, deep breathes, to relax  the mind and body.

I was reminded of this very thing when I received a newsletter from my dear friend Robbie Zeck (my Aromatic Kinesiology teacher) who not only reminded me to breathe, but also to go to my beloved essential oils and take time to renew my spirit. You may like to read her reflections on Roman Chamomile in her newsletter. I love taking clients on an aromatic journey with Aromatic Kinesiology to help to clear the blocks that may be causing them to hold their breath in stressful times and allow them to let go, not only of the breath, but the emotion or memory or challenge as well.

Aromatherapy is my passion and that’s why over the years I have developed formulations that address the most common complaints my clients present with.  Stress around Christmas time is a big one.  We put so much pressure on ourselves:  “Will the relatives get on at Xmas lunch?”, “I want the painting finished before Xmas!” etc,   It seems that we have to have everything perfect for Xmas, spend an insane amount of money on things we don’t really need and in the end, are too stressed to enjoy it.  Who are we trying to impress?

Remembering to breathe will  help.  Also, you might like to try my Christmas Calm Mist to use while preparing the Xmas banquet, spray it around the home, the guests, the pet and yourself, to bring balance to the mind and emotions.  Emergency Mist and cream may also be of assistance when the going gets tough!

Well, if Christmas gets all too much and you want to put yourself back together in the New Year, why not join my small group next February and learn some relaxation techniques to help get through 2013. If you can’t spare 2 hours a week to LEARN TO MEDITATE, then my RELAX CD might be the perfect Xmas gift to yourself or a stressed friend.

In the spirit of Christmas, surely the message is one of peace and goodwill, not anxiety and disharmony.

Wishing you and your loved ones,

Peace, Love and Light



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