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Transition Aromatic Mist

Transition Aromatic Mist brings acceptance and inner peace during times of change., whether it be changing jobs, adolescence, menopause or change of season.

Also available in oral drops.
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Transforming Meditation Course

Want to raise your vibration and connect with your Higher Self?

Meditation and White Light Essences can do just that.

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Bowen Therapy

Have you tried everything to achieve optimum health?
Bowen Therapy is gentle, non-manipulative that will reset all your body systems, including the hormonal system.

I guarantee you will feel better with Bowen!

Every Body LOVES Bowen!

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Easter Trading:

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Can’t believe it’s Easter.
Easter signifies new life and in the northern hemisphere Easter is celebrated in Spring – a season of new life.
Even though we are in Autumn, it is a time of change and transformation (see my article below on how to cope with change).
Also, in this newsletter, some tips on how to cope with Menopause, or the CHANGE as many people refer to it.

This Easter break, try to enjoy yourself and stay safe. Remember, dark chocolate has many health benefits – that’s my excuse anyway. See my tips for detoxifying below.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy Easter holiday.


AUTUMN – a season of change


I just LOVE Autumn!!

The change of season from Summer to Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The mornings are crisp and the days are normally warm with clear blue skies. What a difference from the extreme weather we were having in January!

Autumn if like a breathing space between the hot humid weather and the cold winter weather to come. It allows us time to prepare for what is to come. A bit like Easter really. In nature the animals and birds either begin their migration to warmer climates or stock up with food for the colder weather. Leaves begin to fall to conserve energy and provide mulch for the undergrowth.

We can learn from nature and begin to prepare our bodies for winter by gently detoxing to boost our immune system for the colder months. My detoxifying tips:

  • Eat a healthy diet of unprocessed fresh foods,
  • drink plenty of filtered water
  • do regular exercise
  • take Purifying Essence
  • support your liver with Liva Tone
  • have regular Bowen Therapy

Don’t wait until you get sick to try BOWEN THERAPY, it is great as a regular preventative therapy as well. Bowen Therapy boosts your immune system and gently detoxifies the whole body, giving it a ‘tune-up’. You wouldn’t neglect your car by not having regular servicing, so why neglect your body?

MENOPAUSE – the change


10 tips to help symptoms of menopause:
Menopause is often called ‘the change of life’. As the body transitions into a

  1. Meditation helps reduce hot flushes.
  2. Nutrition – eat healthy whole foods – fresh fruit and veges
  3. Include – good fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados and eggs
  4. Exercise – regular gentle exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming
  5. Bush Flower Essences – She Oak and Mulla Mulla put out the fire
  6. Bowen Therapy – balances the hormonal system
  7. Reduce stress in your life – don’t sweat the small stuff
  8. Herbal medicine – black cohosh (see a herbalist)
  9. Keep well hydrated with water – avoid alcohol and caffeine
  10. Ask you doctor about natural hormone replacement

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