Infertility problems are very common these days.

In July 2010 a 33 year old female with infertility problems visited my practice.    She had a 7 year old son and tried desperately for 4 years to conceive another child, resulting in a miscarriage in  February 2009.

She had been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), had not taken the contraceptive pill for the past twelve months and had a 40 to 60 day cycle since her miscarriage. She was recently prescribed fertility drugs by a specialist, which regulated her cycle to 28 days.

We commenced weekly Bowen Therapy treatments straight away, for both herself and her partner, for the next 6 weeks. During this time they were both much more relaxed and her partner, who was a shift worker, had improved sleep and his general well-being had improved greatly.

Part of my treatment includes individually prescribed Bush Flower Essences for both the male and female, to assist with the emotional aspect of infertility and any other issues that rise. Often physical and emotional issues that are separate from the infertility are often rectified during the weekly treatments.

Her next period was delayed by a few days, due to a mild virus. They were very keen to try for pregnancy in the next ovulation cycle, although I thought it may take a few cycles to actually have success. So we proceeded with the Bowen Technique Pregnancy Protocol.

Then, just like magic, on 15 September, I had the joy of receiving a call from an excited young lady informing me she was 4 weeks pregnant. Both she and her partner are thrilled with the result which only took 8 weeks from their initial visit.

Their beautiful baby girl, Piper, was born in May 2011.

Congratulations to the new Bowen baby parents!!!


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