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Save the Bilby·New Website·Relax CD now available
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Learn To Meditate CourseThis 8 week course is for beginners and those wishing to enhance their existing meditation practice.COMMENCES:  Tues 24 April 2012VENUE:  Baulkham Hills, Sydney

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Transformational Workshops

This series of 7 fortnightly workshops includes the qualities of the 7 White Light Essences.

These inspiring essences will open your heart and heal your soul.

COMMENCES: Saturday 6 June 2012

VENUE:  St Joseph’s Convention Centre, Baulkham Hills.

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Wednesday April 4, 2012

Save the BilbyThe Easter Rabbit is a modern version of a Pagan symbol of Spring and new life.

Although bunnies are fluffy and cute, they can be devastating to native wildlife and have directly contributed to the extinction of many native animals that share the same habitat.   Bilbies are one of those endangered animals.

Bilbies are a small, native Australian marsupial.  They were common in many different habitats throughout Australia until European settlement.  The introduction of the European Red Fox, rabbits and feral cats has meant that Bilby populations now only occur in the isolated arid and semi-arid areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.  There are only around 600 Bilbies left in the wild.

The concept of the Easter Bilby was first conceived by 9 year old Rose-Marie Dusting who wrote a story called “Billy the Aussie Easter Bilby”.  In 1991 the Foundation for a Rabbit Free Australia began to use the Easter Bilby to raise funds to bring awareness to the damage feral rabbits do to our environment.

Darryl Lea chocolates popularized this concept and gives a portion of its sales to the SAVE THE BILBY FUND.

So forget the rabbit and save the Bilby!!

Wishing you all a safe EASTER and may this holy season bring you all good HEALTH, HARMONY & HAPPINESS.

Maree Kendall

New Website

Hurray, my new website is now live!!

Thank you to my beautiful web designer Rachel of Rachel Harnott web Design.

Please visit the new site www.bowtechworks.com.au  I would love to hear your feedback.  Email me at:  info@bowtechworks.com.au

This is the website for my clinic, with information on the therapies I use and details of workshops, with registration made easy with a new online registration form.  Just fill it out and email.  It couldn’t be easier.



Relax CD now available

After many months of trying to connect with the right people, my first meditation CD is now available.

This CD has 9 short relaxation exercises to help train the mind and body to RELAX!

The CD is an accompaniment to my LEARN TO MEDITATE COURSE, but is useful for anyone wishing to learn to meditate at home or for my students to practice the exercises they learn in the classes.

A big thank you to:

 – Charmaine Hampsey for putting me in touch with her brothe-in-law, singer and song-writer Sean Hampsey.

– Sean Hampsey for introducing me to Guy Saminaden of Sound Guy Studios who made the whole recording process easy.

– Matthew Kendall, my son, who designed the beautiful CD cover and captured the essence of my work.

Love and gratitude to you all.

RRP  $19.95 + $5.00 postage & handling


02 96268705



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