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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy helps bring the body, mind and spirit into balance.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances or have a chronic condition, then Bowen can help.

Every body needs Bowen!

Call Maree for an appointment:

02 96268705 or 0412 080 051

Wednesday July 13, 2011

I’m back!

What an amazing few months!

I’ve just returned from a 4 week tour ofGreece and Turkey feeling refreshed and full of gratitude.  One of the highlights was a visit to the rosegrowers and distilleryat Isparta.  What an unforgetable experience! See article on my Rose Adventure below.

Following the smoke damage to my clinic/house in March, I have finally completed renovating my new space. The clinic at Quakers Hillis back in business!!  So why not make an appointment or just drop in for a soothing rose tea and a chat.

Coming events:

  • 8 week Learn to Meditate Course
  • 7 week Transformational Workshop


Peace, Love and Light

Maree Kendall

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Learn to Meditate Course

This 8 week Learn to Meditation Course is useful for beginners and those wishing to deepen their existing meditation practice.

The next Learn to Meditate Course will commence on:

Date: Tuesday 19 July  2011, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: St Joseph’s Spirituality Centre, Baulkham Hills

Each week you will learn:

* relaxation techniques you can take anywhere * introduction to the Subtle anatomy * meditations to heal the chakras


“I joined Maree s Meditation Course to learn the art of relaxation through meditation. In this course I learnt different meditation techniques, how to relax my body, visualisation etc. and became confident to meditate on my own . – Dianne.

For more information , contact Maree Kendall on: P: 02 9626 8705         M: 0412 080051 E:

Click here to register.


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Transformational Workshop

This series of 7 fortnightly workshops is open to those wishing to connect more deeply with their higher selves, raise their vibration and discover their true spiritual nature.

The meditation workshop will allow you to experience the 7White Light Essences, which incorporate the qualities of the four elements –Water, Air, Earth and Fire – plus Higher Self, Devic and Angelic essences.

These inspiring essences will open your heart and heal your soul!

Workshops commence on:  Saturday 24 September 2011

Venue:    St Joseph’s Spirituality Centre, Baulkham Hills

Click here for details and registration


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Rose Adventure

“The glorious Rose enfolds the soul within its own fragrant song, aligning it with the higher angelic realms.”                   Extract from: “The Blossoming Heart” by Robbi Zeck

During my recent trip to Turkey with Aroma Tours,  we visited a rose plantation in Isparta.  We arrived just after sunrise, to pick roses for the grower.  Due to the cooler weather, there were not as many blooms to pick, but we did our best.

The roses need to be picked before the warmth of the sun hits the blooms and the essential oils begin to evaporate.  The flowers are then loaded into bags and taken straight to the distillery where the essential oil is extracted.

Following a beautiful lunch by the lake, we drove to the distillery and rolled in a tonne of rose petals! What an experience.  We all became intoxicated with the heady perfume of the rose petals. Even the men loved it.Click here for more pictures…

It takes 4 tonnes of rose petals to make 1kg of essential oil. That’s why it’s so expensive.  I was able to buy some oil straight from the distiller – at $7,500 per litre I only bought a small bottle home!

Some emotional qualities of Rose oil:  soothes grief and sadness, eases depression, anxiety, broken hearts and allays hopelessness.

Some physical qualities of Rose oil:  helps regulate the menstrual cycle, balances hormones, reduces wrinkles, soothes dermatitis and eczema.

Contact Maree to order rose oil creams and lotions.

Phone:  02 96268705 or 0412080051



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Clinic Hours

Please note clinic hours have changed:


Quakers Hill Clinic:

(11 Kim Place)

Monday: 2pm – 6pm

Friday: 10am – 6pm

Saturday:  9am – 1pm


Castle Hill  Clinic: (105 Showground Road)

Wednesday: 10am to 6pm


Call Maree for an appointment:  96268705 or 0412080051

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