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Meditation Retreat

Discover your heart’s desire at the New Beginnings week-end meditation retreat.

Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

DATE:  29 April – 1 May 2011

VENUE:  St Joseph’s House of Spirituality, Baulkham Hills.

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I honour the Divine Love within you,

within me & within all of Creation.

We are all ONE.




Clinic at Castle Hill

Bowen Therapy is now available every FRIDAY at:

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Tuesday February 15, 2011

We are all one

2011 has certainly been a test of resilience here in this beautiful country of ours, as well as many other countries in the world.

Whether it is floods and cyclones in Queensland, heatwaves and/or floods in New South Wales, floods in Victoria or fires in Perth, all Australians have proved, once again, that we can bounce back from anything if we worktogether.

We cannot all give large amounts of money or physically help rebuild towns, but we can give our thoughts and prayers to those who have lost so much. Many people lit a candle during the approach of cyclone Yasi, some even made an all-night vigil of prayer. Thankfully there was only one poor soul who died, so far, and less damage than was expected. I like to think this all helped.

Lighting a candle with intention is such a powerful notion, as it connects our intention with others and those to whom our thoughts are directed…..for we truly are ONE in mind, body and spirit. We are all bound together and stem from the same essence.

Loss and devastation creates a state of shock and sometimes depression. This month I will touch on some remedies and techniques that can help with depression and post traumatic stress. Also, a remedy for when we feel disconnected from others either in our relationships or universally.

Another way to help people in our country who are affected by a traumatic event is to give money to support counselling services which will be needed for many months or even years to come.  Lifeline is a great place to start!

Wishing you all Peace, Love and Light

Maree Kendall


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Mindfulness Meditation

“Mindfulness means putting the mind fully into the present, so that we are always engaged with what we are doing.

The Buddha spoke of the four foundations of mindfulness as being mindful of the body, the feelings, the mental state and mental objects.”

– David Fontana

Payingattention to what we are doing and being fully present in what we are doing in every moment, is being mindful. This is meditation in action.

Throughout the day we can check how mindful we are by asking: “What am I doing now?”; “What are my physical sensations now?”; “What is my mental state now?”; “What am I thinking or seeing or hearing now?”.

Some of the benefits of this practice are:

– improvement in memory;

– a slowing down of time;

– less accidents and less forgetfulness;

– less anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness Meditation can help us deal with stressful situations by accepting them and being aware of them. Stress, anger, disappointments, frustrations and other negative emotions, can adversely affect our minds and our bodies.

Mindfulness Meditation is an effective practice or ‘medicine’ which can help us deal with negative emotions and situations in an effective manner by accepting them and calming the emotions without injuring our health.

By practicing Meditation, we can train our minds to achieve a state of tranquility, without being disturbed by outside forces. Mindfulness Meditation helps in strengthening the mind to achieve this peacefulness.

As well as practicing mindfulness in every moment, you can practice it sitting in an appropriate upright position, cross-legged, focusing on the breath and our mental and physical sensations. This can help us become more aware of our present state of mind, without judging our feelings or present state.

How to be mindful:

•  do one thing at a time; •  stop worrying about the future; •  do things slowly and deliberately; •  do less each day; •  put space between tasks; •  spend at least 5 minutes each day doing nothing; •  when you’re talking to someone, be present; •  each slowly and savour your food; •  make cleaning and cooking a meditation; •  take a deep breath!

In our busy lives of multi-tasking, being mindful can help us survive the stress of modern living and help to create a healthier mind and body. Practicing mindfulness is contagious!! Feel free to pass it around.

Call Maree if you are interested in learning Meditation:

02 96268705   OR  0412 080051

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Emergency Essence to the Rescue

When we experience a shock or trauma, the body goes into the ‘fight or flight response’, which is our body’s primitive, automatic response that prepares the body to ‘fight’ or ‘flee’ from a perceived attach or threat to our survival.

When this response is activated chemicals like adrenaline, noradrenoline and cortisol are released into our bloodstream, causing changes in our body like: – increase in respiration rate; – blood is directed away from digestion into our muscles and limbs for extra energy; – pupils dilate and eyesight sharpens; – impulses sharpen and perception of pain diminishes; – fear is exaggerated; – thinking is distorted.

Our body responds to mild stress and extreme danger in the same way. If this state of high cortisol continues over time, then anxiety, depression and other illnesses may develop.

Natural therapies such asBush Flower Essences andBowen Therapy can be of assistance for all levels of shock and stress, including Post Traumatic Stress.
Emergency Essenceis a fast-acting natural formulation, using a combination ofAustralian Bush Flower Essences, developed to soothe and create balance when you need it most. So whether it’s driving stress, exam stress, trauma due to natural disasters or you’re just not coping, reach for “Balance in a Bottle”.

Great for kids and pets too!

To order your Emergency Essence, call Maree :

02 9626 8705   or   0412 080051

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Sydney Rose Essence

“There’s a world of difference between solitude and loneliness. Solitude restores the body and the mind. Loneliness depletes them.” – Victoria Alexander


This Xmas I was given a beautiful book by my son and his partner, called“ONE – living as one and loving it” by Victoria Alexander.

Victoria explores the positive and negative aspects of living alone, and loving it; of being alone, but not lonely. Statistics show that 30% of the population live alone, but the difference between seeking solitude and being lonely are entirely different.

We can feel alone in a crowd, in a relationship or in our own skin. So whether you are alone through choice, through a divorce, through a death or not, learning to live each moment with yourself and not feel lonely is the key to happiness.

Sydney Rose Essence is a bright pink colour, which is the colour of universal, heartfelt love. It helps us realise that there is no separation between us, that we are all ONE.

Many texts express the view that as our human consciousness evolves and we embrace the New Age of Aquarius, an energetic shift in the world and the universe is taking place – a rebirth so to speak. As with any birth, pain and suffering may come before the elation of a seeing new life for the first time…… So it is with our tiny planet.

Knowing that we are all ONE and that there is hope of a peaceful, harmonious future, gives us the strength as a whole species to carry one, despite adversity. Coming from a place of compassion, tolerance and love for others, with a willingness to help and support others, is the only way ahead

CombiningSydney Rose Essence withSlender Rice Flower, is beneficial for clients who present with racism, prejudice and comparison with others. These essences help open the heart to embrace the differences between us.

Every day I receive emails which are racist and intolerant. How can we move forward into peace if we feel like this in our own hearts? We need to give out compassion and understanding for it to reflect back to us.

I invite everyone to try this essence – we should put it in the drinking water!

Call Maree if you would like to try a bottle:

02 96268705 OR 0412 080051

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